Skier Rehabilitation

Getting back on skis after injury or surgery, whether skiing related or not, can be a daunting prospect and overcoming the psychological effects of injury can be more challenging than the physical factors. Ski4Real provides the opportunity to ski with an experienced coach who is also a qualified Sports Therapist. Michelle can work with you before you ski to make sure you are as well prepared as possible, both physically and mentally, as well as being able to provide remedial massage and exercise rehabilitation during your holiday.

If you’ve had knee surgery for example, it’s not unusual for your knee to ache and it may swell slightly after your first day or so back on skis, even though you’ve been signed off by your physiotherapist. As well as being disconcerting, this can affect your skiing in a way which jeopardises your other joints and your safety in general. Michelle can help ensure your posture is correct and provide the appropriate soft tissue therapy to enable your body to cope with its re-introduction to the unique demands of skiing.

Alternatively, it may be that you’re just worried that you’re becoming too old for an activity as physically demanding as skiing, especially Telemark. Michelle specialises in helping veteran sports people to continue enjoying the sports that they love, having worked with veteran rugby players, skiers and golfers in particular. “You’re never too old to play, you just need to drink less and train smarter!”