Alpine Coaching

After the first lesson, all skiers are improvers; the definitions often create confusion and inhibit skiers. Each skier is an individual, so we offer personalised Alpine coaching. Kim works with small, compatible groups, families and on a one to one basis, with the emphasis on progression via enjoyment and intuitive coaching. He’ll discuss your individual needs before suggesting what he feels will work best for you and then, using the positive aspects of your skiing, he’ll lead you to improve and gain greater pleasure from your skiing.

Skiing is as much in the mind as on the snow.

Are you an apprehensive skier? A few sessions with Kim will help restore your confidence and sense of control. You’ll soon forget that you’re in a ‘lesson’ and before you know it, you’ll be doing things with ease that you’d have previously avoided or felt intimidated by.

Would you like to be more in control? If you find yourself struggling to maintain a comfortable speed in the line that you want to follow, especially when skiing steep terrain, Kim will help you get the best from your skis, improving your carving technique and adapting your style to use side cut skis to full advantage.

Want to go further afield? Kim will introduce you to the freedom of off-piste skiing and Alpine ski touring, as well as heli-skiing, in a way that respects the dangers of the mountain environment and enhances your enjoyment.